From the return of Star Wars, to crime fighting trios and adaptations of much-loved books, it's going to be a busy season at the Irish box office. The RTÉ Entertainment team picks their top films to watch between now and Christmas

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

After a fan boy and girl meltdown over the last Star Wars movie, the actually very good Last Jedi, all eyes are being cast back to a galaxy far, far away as we enter into the final countdown to the last part (we doubt it!) of the Skywalker saga. There's already been much speculation about that intriguing title (is Luke back? Will he reunite in hologram form with Han?). We do know that SW mainstays Lando Calrissian and Emperor Palpatine make a return and with Mr Lens Flare J.J. Abrams back behind the camera, this should be a treasury of old school space opera values and surprises and swerves. Alan Corr December 19

Rhythm Section 
With all the talk of a female Bond, this Dublin-shot spy thriller from 007 producer Barbara Broccoli has gone under the radar. Blake Lively plays the unlikely avenging agent who adds guns to her grief as she hunts down those responsible for her family's death. Lively showed her action hero smarts in shark stand-off The Shallows so this could be the start of a new franchise - and just maybe a crossover with Her Majesty's Secret Service somewhere down the line? Harry Guerin. November 22.

Charlie's Angels
You couldn't be blamed for having major reboot fatigue, but this one from writer/director Elizabeth Banks looks promising. Charlie's Angels was originally a ludicrously camp late '70s TV show, before spawning a film version with the 2000 movie adaptation starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu and a sequel following in 2003. The always reliable Banks has assembled a new group of actresses to play the crime-fighting trio, Hollywood A-lister Kristen Stewart, Power Rangers' Naomi Scott and newcomer Ella Balinska. Looks like it'll could be a laugh at the very least. Sarah McIntyre. November 29.

The Addams Family 
The legendary New Yorker cartoons-turned TV show that even became a Broadway musical in the Noughties, gets a second Hollywood reboot in this animated version of Charles Addams' series of cartoons about a 'creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky' family. Oscar Isaac supplies the voice of Gomez Addams, Charlize Theron is Morticia - the much-in-love Mr and Mrs of the household - but the most fascinating casting of all is Snoop Dog as Cousin Itt. If previous incarnations are anything to go by, this should be a Halloween hoot that can provide laughs for everyone aged 9 to 90. John Byrne. October 25.

The Irishman
Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Need I say more? Netflix's The Irishman sees De Niro take the title role of Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran, a hitman for the Bufalino crime family. Through the film he looks back over his alleged jobs, including the role he claims to have played in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). Take a look at the trailer and I dare you not to be drawn in. Sinead Brennan

Doctor Sleep
Follow that. Stanley Kubrick's masterful 1980 take on Stephen King’s celebrated horror story The Shining is a high water mark in big screen terror - not to mention a great, great movie regardless of genre. So hats off to director Mike Flanagan for having the guts to follow in the master’s bloody footsteps for this film adaptation of King’s follow-up to his original novel. Set years after the events of The Shining, a now adult Dan Torrance (played by Ewan McGregor) meets a young girl with similar powers as his own and tries to protect her from a cult known as The True Knot who prey on children with powers to remain immortal. The big question is - will Jack thaw out in time for a tender father son reunion? This looks like it could be causing sleepless nights around Samhain. AC. October 31

Knives Out 
After his Star Wars shenanigans on Skellig Michael director Rian Johnson has assembled an all-star line-up - Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Toni Collette, Chris Evans - for this whodunit. The family plot sees Craig's inspector call to investigate the death of a wealthy novelist with the twists coming thick and fast thereafter. Johnson's 'high school noir' debut Brick is a cult favourite - his return to crime could be a classic. HG. November 29.

Little Women 
The irresistible combination of Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and its stars Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet have reunited for a new adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women. The sumptuous looking production sees Ronan playing Jo March, an aspiring writer and one of four sisters coming of age during the American Civil War, while Chalamet will play the dashing boy next door Laurie. The all-star cast also includes Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern and Meryl Streep. Need I say any more? This one's not to be missed. SMcI. December 26.

Frozen 2
The resounding sound of Let It Go has just begun to dissipate, so of course it's time to have more from the Frozen world. It's hard to believe it's been six years since Anna and Elsa came into our lives and while the film was perfect in itself, another instalment is more than welcome - but can it live up to the original? This time around Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle and have to travel to an enchanted land far away to find the origins of Elsa's powers and save their home. SB . November 22

The Nightingale 
The Fall's Aisling Franciosi is reportedly more than ready for her close-up in this Outback revenge thriller from The Babadook director Jennifer Kent. A Special Jury Prize winner at the Venice Film Festival, the gritty odyssey follows an Irish convict on the trail of the English captain who made her life a misery for seven years, and then ruined the rest of it once she'd served her time. Franciosi has said that every minute spent in the mud making The Nightingale was well worth it; we can't wait to muck-in. HG. November 29.

The Aeronauts
The Theory of Everything stars Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne reunite for this handsome period drama which is inspired by true events. Directed by Tom Harper, who most recently helmed the absolutely brilliant Wild Rose, The Aeronauts is set in 1862 and follows pilot Amelia Wren (Jones) and headstrong metrologist James Glaisher (Redmayne) as they attempt to mount a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. They end up in an epic fight for survival high up in the sky. SMcI. November 6.

Last Christmas
The much-loved Richard Curtis film Love Actually may be facing some serious competition in the Christmas romantic comedy stakes with this offering, inspired by the George Michael-penned Wham! hit of the same name. Directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and co-written by first-timer Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson, it stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a young woman continuously unlucky in life, who accepts a job in a London department store as an elf during the run-up to Christmas. When Kate meets Tom (Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding) while at work, her life takes a turn - and hopefully it's a turn for the better. JB. November 15.

The Good Liar
If you're looking for a suspenseful drama that will have you on the edge of your seat, then this is just the ticket. In fact, it's scam-dalous. Adapted from Nicholas Searle's novel, The Good Liar boasts a stellar cast including movie legends Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen in their first movie together. Directed and co-produced by Oscar-winning director Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters), the upcoming thriller follows seasoned con artist Roy Courtnay, who sets his sights on his latest target: recently widowed Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren), worth millions. As the two draw closer, what should have been another simple swindle gets next level crazy. Described as 'a story about the secrets we keep and the lies we live', viewers can expect delicious twists, catfishing galore, and it may even get you geared up for playing Cluedo over the Christmas holidays. LD. November 8.

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