Fans wait outside U2's hotel in Boston. Bono signs autographs and chats with some of them before being driven to a rehearsal.

Reporter Pat Kenny speaks with U2 fans outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. The fans are gathered there hoping to see the band.

One young woman wants to give Bono a sketch done by a friend. She talks about what U2 and their music mean to her. 

Bono comes out of the hotel and speaks with some fans. He signs autographs for girls who have come from Montreal to see the band. Bono takes a photograph of the girls with their camera.

The young woman gives Bono the framed sketch and tells Bono she hopes he finds what he is looking for. Bono is driven away in a limousine.

Pat Kenny talks to the girl who gave Bono the drawing and she is quite overcome with the experience.

Note: The clip shown here is edited from rushes for the 'Today Tonight' report on the success of U2 in America.

'Today Tonight' reported from the USA where U2's album 'Joshua Tree' had just gone to the top of the American charts and the band were on a successful tour. Reporter Pat Kenny spoke to U2 and their manager at their Boston concerts.