Sean O’Rourke takes over ‘Today with Pat Kenny’ when Pat Kenny leaves RTÉ.

Pat Kenny left RTÉ after 41 years on air to join Newstalk in 2013. He had been presenting the mid-morning  RTÉ radio programme ‘Today with Pat Kenny’ since the 1970s. The slot was taken over by Sean O’Rourke. Both broadcasters began presenting their new radio programmes at 10.00am on 2 September 2013, in “the battle of the radio titans”.

Samantha Libreri reports for RTÉ News on the first day on air for ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’ and ‘The Pat Kenny Show’. Sean O’Rourke is hoping to have time to explore a broader range of topics, including health, family matters, literature and sport. Pat Kenny feels “profound relief” that there were “no major cock-ups” in his first programme for Newstalk.

‘Irish Times’ journalist Ann Marie Hourihane comments on how similar the two programmes and presenters are.