Celebrating 50 years of RTÉ Television.

In 2012 RTÉ celebrated 50 years of broadcasting public service television. This ident animation is a visual representation of the RTÉ Archives and was directed by Paul Gibney.

RTÉ Television marked the occasion with newly-commissioned programming looking at the role of television and the audience's engagement with it.  The TV50 project broadcast classic comedy, drama and factual programmes from over the years. Each of these programmes began with the TV50 sting featuring the TV50 logo and the tag line 'Remember Imagine' and 'Cuimhnigh Samhlaigh'.

Pat Butler looked back at 50 years of Irish-language programmes in 'Sup as an Tobar'. 'Nighthawks Rehashed' pulled together the best bits of comedy, music and interviews from the show, which ran from 1989 to 1993.

RTÉ Archives broadcast the only existing copy of 'School Around the Corner' from the original series in December 1962 and curated an exhibition of twelve full episodes of 'Radharc' as a testament to the programme's contribution.

John Bowman presented a two-part documentary 'Battle Station' which examined RTÉ Television's relationships with the Government, the Catholic Church, the Irish-language movement and other political and cultural forces in the first 50 years of Irish television.

In addition to programmes from the Archives, TV50 also asked questions about the future of television in 'What's Happening to Television?' presented by Miriam O'Callaghan.