Danny Quinn describes a late-night visit to Heaney's grave.

The night of Seamus Heaney's funeral, former Derry footballer Danny Quinn went to Seamus Heaney's grave in Bellaghy to pay his respects. There he found a harpist playing and a number of people sitting and chatting, sharing memories of Heaney. Quinn tells Miriam O'Callaghan it was a surreal experience.

As headmaster of Anahorish Primary School, Quinn had invited Heaney to visit the school in 2007. Heaney himself had attended the school, which inspired the poem 'Anahorish'. After visiting all the classes, he gave the school a signed copy of the poem. To O'Callaghan, this is yet another example of the stories of Heaney's giving and kindness, which have been shared over the past few days.