The build-up to the arrival of the cavalcade on Dame Street, Dublin and the reaction of the crowd who have taken up every possible vantage point to get a glimpse of President Kennedy.

A young Terry Wogan describes the scene on Dame Street as thousands of people gather in anticipation of the arrival of President Kennedy. He says that many of the crowd have transistor radios to listen to as they wait.

The motorcycle escort becomes visible in the distance, the back of photographers’ heads on the huge truck that leads the cavalcade. Wogan describes the President as tanned and fit, smiling under a "thatch of blond hair". The crowd throw ticker-tape (or CIE Bus ticket rolls) and break the police cordon in an effort to get closer to President Kennedy. While President Eamon de Valera sits quietly in the car, President Kennedy stands to wave to the crowd.

The reporters are Terence O’Sullivan who passes over to Terry Wogan.