The arrival of President Kennedy at Dublin Airport is met with much anticipation, ceremony and rapturous applause.

Air Force 1 lands at Dublin Airport and as it taxis down the runway, preparations are in place to welcome President Kennedy to Ireland.

Pilot Captain Little comments briefly on the landing of the Boeing Air Force 1. Seán Mac Réamoinn sets the scene at Dublin Airport. Irish President Éamon de Valera, Taoiseach Seán Lemass and many other senior politicians and officials are all in attendance for the official welcoming ceremony. They take their places for the exchange of greetings. The army band is poised and ready to play the national anthem.

Anticipation grows as the door of the plane is opened and the first of the presidential party are spotted. President de Valera and the Taoiseach wait at the foot of the steps to greet President Kennedy. The 35th President of the United States, John FitzGerald Kennedy, appears to tremendous applause and excitement.