Pat Kenny meets father and daughter, first and second generation Vietnamese immigrants, who have made Ireland their home. They share their experiences of living in Ireland.

In August 1979 the Irish government agreed to take in 204 boat people who were fleeing the communist regime in Vietnam. Many of those who left ended up in refugee camps in Hong Kong before they were relocated. Pat Kenny is joined by Sanh Nguyen and his daughter Chau who talk about their experiences as immigrants in Ireland. Sanh talks about his life in Vietnam and his reasons for coming to Ireland.

Sanh Nguyen first heard about Ireland as a refugee in Hong Kong. When he moved to Ireland he stayed first at Blanchardstown hospital where many of the Vietnamese were housed. He met his Vietnamese wife, married and had a family. Chau talks about being born in Ireland, growing up in Sligo, moving to Dublin and attending third level at Kevin Street Institue of Technology, where she qualified as an electrical engineer. They both talk about their ongoing connection with Vietnam.