Prime Time takes a look at immigrant workers in Ireland and asks the question "Are they a threat to us or a boost to our living standards?"

When the European Union enlarged in 2004, Ireland was one of only three EU countries to open its borders to Eastern European workers. This is a decision which has led to an influx of tens of thousands of people seeking employment and a better way of life. So, what does this mean for the Irish economy and society as a whole?

Donogh Diamond meets some of these immigrants from Poland and Lithuania and hears their stories of both success and exploitation. We also hear the views from some Irish people with both positive and negative opinions of their neighbours and co-workers.

Professor John FitzGerald Economist, Economic & Social Research Institute (ESRI) outlines potential problems if wage rates are kept down in the semi or unskilled sector. Martin Leahy, Branch Organiser, Cork Construction Branch SIPTU, says as long as the minimum wage rate is higher than what foreign workers can earn at home they will continue to come to Ireland.