RTÉ's John O'Donoghue interviews William Craig, Northern Ireland Minister of Home Affairs, in the aftermath of the civil rights march in Derry.

William Craig outlines his views on these events, the banned areas and the riots.

John O'Donoghue probes Craig about the protestor's grievances such as civil rights, housing and the freedom to travel.
Craig finds the charges against the police unjustified and says that there will be no enquiry into the events. Craig argues that law and order depends on the respect of the authorities.
According to Craig, the protection of life and property is more important than the right to protest.

Craig argues that the civil rights marchers on 5 October in Derry were violent, and future protests will require strengthening the power of the police.

O'Donoghue also questions Craig about issues he had previously raised regarding the constitution of Northern Ireland and comments he had made about the Pope.