Young Irish emigrants in London have mixed views on life and prospects in the city.

While life in London is hard at first, there is plenty of work for these young Irish people who have left Ireland in search of employment and a better life.

A young man from Cork, one of many who left from his hometown, says that the only opportunities for him back home were AnCO and Manpower schemes but there were no jobs.

Joan says that life back home is bad with a job and without a job it is a lot worse. Mairéad sees life in London as temporary. She says that many come to London and earn good money working on building sites. However, she says it does not really get them anywhere in the long run.

They'll take the first job that they get when they come. They end up labouring. They do it for a few years and then where do they go.

Another man says that the cost of living and accommodation is so high in London that people get caught in a trap, working constantly to pay the bills.

A young woman is far more optimistic about her move to London is working and making plans for the future.

People from London live and bring up families and have lives over here and Irish people can do it as well.

Others are in agreement saying that there are more opportunities in London.

One young man believes London offers a future that Ireland does not.

I think that one of the things that makes London so different to Dublin is that there is a future here. There's a tomorrow and you can make plans towards a career. You can push your ambitions a bit further.

This episode of 'Facts of Life' was broadcast on 29 July 1987. The presenter is Carolyn Fisher.

This episode of 'Facts of Life' was recorded at the BBC studios in Shepherd's Bush London.