A singing dog, a dog that rolls over, a skateboarding dog and a sniffer dog demonstrate their skills.

Viewers were invited to tell 'Jo-Maxi' about their dogs, and a sort of canine talent contest emerged. Entries came in from all around the country from which three winners were selected.

First up is 'The Canine Crooner of the Year' Spencer, a dog with a talent for singing. Inspired by the music of Prince, Ross figured out that if you started howling, Spencer would howl along. Spencer also does other tricks and would do anything for a sausage.

Next up is 'The Bilingual Barker' Pluto who despite being a bit nervous and camera shy manages to roll over on command. Owner Marie explains what tricks Pluto normally gets up to when her nerves do not get the better of her. These include jumping through Marie's hands, jumping over a stick, and giving the paw. The difference is that Pluto heeds her commands in Irish. Pluto will do anything for a biscuit.

Finally, it is the turn of skateboarding dog Sable who was also a bit camera shy. Suzanne her owner explains how she normally is able to skateboard. Sable wins the prize of 'Decathalon Dawg'.

For their efforts, each of the dog contestants is awarded a rosette and Mutt-Max Pack containing all sorts of goodies including a poop scoop, a dog lead, a ball, a flea lead and snacks.

Another dog with a difference is Ireland's leading canine crime fighter Jake. Customs officer Adrian tells viewers about the three and a half year old labrador who works for Customs and Excise. Jake is trained to find drugs and to date has detected cannabis resin with a street value of £1.7 million. Jake sniffed out the cannabis in all sorts of locations and containers including a beer can, a carved out book, and a cuddly toy. Jake is also trained to find heroin and cocaine. Jake demonstrates his sniffing skills in the studio by detecting a consignment of cannabis hidden in a bag. Jake is a working dog but is also a pet.

After work finishes, he's a pet at home.

This episode of 'Jo-Maxi' was broadcast on 16 April 1992. The presenters are Margaret O'Donoghue and Celine Whelan.

'Jo Maxi' first aired on 10 October 1988 on RTÉ Network 2 and ran until 1994.