The Gaelic Athletic Association reaffirms the ruling that its members cannot support the National H -Block Committee.

Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) president Paddy McFlynn stresses the need for a swift settlement to the hunger strikes on humanitarian grounds. However the GAA cannot support the use of its grounds for H-Block demonstrations.

With the election of hunger strikers to both Westminster and the Dáil, Paddy McFlynn believes the National H-Block Committee has taken the H Block question from being a humanitarian issue to a party political one. GAA rules block support for the National H-Block Committee as party politics are banned under Rule 7 of the 'Offical Guide'.

Our matches should not be used for these purposes.

However enforcement of the guidelines is proving problematic,

Conditions in the North being what they are at times this has not been possible.

For the guidelines to succeed Paddy McFlynn believes they must be enforced at local level and cannot be controlled from Croke Park directly.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 July 1981. The reporter is Caroline Erskine.