A new video hopes to create a positive attitude among young people saying no to drugs.

Commissioned by the Drugs Awareness Programme of the Catholic Social Service Conference, the video is targeted at 12 to 15-year olds. The video is 17 minutes in length and features rap videos and dramas showing young people from different backgrounds saying no to drugs.

The campaign is titled,

You're only going nowhere if you can’t say 'No’

A booklet helps the presenter showing the video to make the most of it as an educational resource.

The video’s objective is to develop a positive attitude in the viewers towards the idea of saying no to drugs. To make it hip for young people to say no.

Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin Desmond Williams spoke at the launch of the new campaign. Funding for the video was provided by ex soccer star Liam Brady who donated the money from his testimonial match.

The video will be distributed for free to every post primary school in the country and is available to be bought or rented to parents so that they can carry out drug education in the home.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 October 1990. The reporter is Bob Powell.