As thousands of people head for the beach, farmers head for the fields to make hay while the sun shines.

Sun worshippers flocked to beaches like Portmarnock in Dublin to soak up the sun with temperatures hitting between 26 and 29 degrees.

The view at Portmarnock was like a scene from a foreign holiday brochure.

However, the sunshine comes with a health warning from doctors. Sunbathers are warned to be careful of sunburn which can damage the skin. The public is also advised to stay cool and drink plenty of water while the extreme temperatures persist. 

Extremes of temperature are a health risk especially for old people.

The warm weather makes ideal conditions for farmers making hay and gathering crops. The crop yield is expected to be good despite earlier problems caused by heavy rain. However, some potato farmers are facing problems because of drought. Even with irrigation, potato yields are expected to be down. Farmers have also been advised to check animals daily for heat related illnesses and to avoid spraying slurry near water sources to prevent pollution. Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise and Employment Eithne Fitzgerald has called for vigilance on farms. Sixteen people have already died this year as a result of farm accidents.

People living in urban areas have been asked not to use hosepipes when watering their gardens to protect limited water supplies.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 August 1995. The reporter is Joe O'Brien.