Snow and freezing temperatures bring Dublin to a standstill.

Plummeting temperatures and snow fall played havoc with commuting in Dublin. Traffic conditions became so bad in the city that at 4.00 pm Dublin Bus decided to suspend services. At this stage, Dublin City Council sent out five gritting lorries, but it was too late. 

John Sands Communications Manager for Dublin City Council outlines the efforts of the council to grit the roads.

Many commuters were stuck gridlock for hours.

Commuters slipped and slid their way home very slowly.

There were also disruptions to mainline rail and Luas services and many commuters had no choice but to walk.  

The story was similar at Dublin Airport which closed at around 3.30 pm and remained shut for four and a half hours with many flights either delayed or cancelled.  

Siobhán Moore of the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) explains how the snow was falling faster than it could be cleared.

Conor Faughnan of AA Roadwatch anticipates that a hard freeze will mean road conditions tomorrow morning will be even worse. 

How did forecast snow bring the capital to a standstill?

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 January 2010. The reporter is Will Goodbody.