Photographs on ballot papers, bees in a polling station and woman on hundredth birthday encourages young people to vote in European Elections.

For the first time in any election anywhere in Europe photographs of the candidates are now printed on the ballot papers.

Castlebar man Ernie Sweeney has been campaigning to have photographs on ballot papers. He was 24 years of age before he could write his own name and 35 by the time he had learnt to read. The ambition of a lifetime was realised with the introduction of photographs on ballot papers making it easier for voters who cannot read. Ernie Sweeney believes it will give these voters the dignity to vote in secrecy. 

For voters who cannot read or write, having photos on ballot papers will he believes end years of embarrassment and discrimination.

Nora Barrett cast her vote in Tuam on her one hundredth birthday and had some words for young voters. 

All the young people should vote.

Voting wasn't as straightforward for everyone as a bee infestation disrupted voting at a polling station in the parish of Faugheen in County Tipperary.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 June 1999. The reporter is Jim Fahy.