American Jesuit activist priest and author Fr Daniel Berrigan, who had been jailed for his protests against the Vietnam War, was in Ireland for a three-day visit.

Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016) was part of a campaign demanding the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. He is currently on parole facing trial in the US for destroying conscription records.  

During his Irish visit, he stayed with the Jesuits at Milltown Park in Dublin. While in Ireland he gave a talk at Liberty Hall where he addressed the Association of Irish Press on the topic of 'Priests and Protests'. He also delivered a further talk at Trinity College. 

Fr Berrigan spoke to RTÉ News about his stance on the war in Vietnam and the anti-war movement, and an invitation to visit Hanoi. He is not optimistic of a settlement in the near future. 

On the situation in Northern Ireland, Fr Berrigan says

My views are the same that they would be in the presence of violence anywhere. I think that there's a terrible violence of governments, including my own, and then there's a more overt violence of people who are resisting and trying to get control of their own destiny and I find both kinds terrible but I find if the first kind is active, the second kind is inevitable.

Fr Berrigan also expressed his support for the withdrawal of British troops from Northern Ireland. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 January 1973. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.