A medical landmark in Dublin for two hundred and sixty years, Dr Steevens Hospital is now set to close.

The decision to shut down the two hundred bed hospital came following an emergency meeting with the Board of Governors setting the 30 September as the closure date. The governor said that there was no alternative as the hospital was quickly running out of money.

The hospital had recently faced a £2 million cut in funding from the Department of Health and since then had been gradually scaling down services. 

Dr Steevens Hospital is one of the most cost effective in Dublin, so why is it being closed? Chairman of the Hospital Board Brian Campbell explains that it was decided that one Dublin hospital had to close and Dr Steevens took the hit.

Trade Unions representing the four hundred staff at the hospital are due to meet Department of Health officials tomorrow. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1987. The reporter is George Devlin.