Archie Heron recalls the events on Saturday 22 April when he was one of three Commanding Officers ordered to take the Belfast Company, Irish Volunteers to Tyrone where they would join the other Volunteer units .

On Saturday 22 April Archie Heron was one of three men ordered to bring at least 150 Volunteers from Belfast to Dungannon and proceed to Coalisland where they were to meet up with the Tyrone Volunteers. They split into smaller groups of fifty and took different trains throughout the day.

A detective had followed them all the way from Belfast. He only stopped his surveillance when approached by Heron.

I halted the party and went back to him and told him it would be a better idea from his point of view if he retreated and went back about his business.

The Volunteers marched to Coalisland and spent the night in billets that had been prearranged. The next morning they received word of Eoin MacNeill's countermanding order cancelling the Rising. As a result the men were ordered to return to Belfast and demobilise. They reached Belfast on Sunday afternoon and promptly disbanded.

Archie Heron was a member of the IRB and prior to the Easter Rising he was appointed as an Officer to the Belfast Brigade, Irish Volunteers.

Archie Heron was interviewed for the radio series 'The Week of the Rising' broadcast on Radio Éireann, 10 April 1966.

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