Author Joe O'Connor talks to Gay Byrne about inspiration and Irish funerals.

Joe O'Connor's first play 'Red Roses and Petrol' was first produced at the Project Theatre in Dublin in May 1995. It went on to a national tour and a run at the Tricycle Theatre in London before returning to Dublin and the Tivoli Theatre.

Gay Byrne talks to O'Connor about the appeal of the play in this interview. The author believes that Irish people secretly find funerals entertaining. 

The idea of the title, say 'Red Roses and Petrol', I wanted to write a play that would be about a family and would be about love. And there are a lot of Irish plays about the red roses side of love, where everything is very sweet and nice and cute. And there are quite a lot about the petrol side, where everything is very inflammatory and nasty, you know, and my own experience of families is that most families contain a little bit of both.

This episode of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on 8 September 1995.