Robert Mugabe spoke to Rodney Rice on RTÉ Radio in 1979 about his plans for Zimbabwe ahead of his election as Prime Minister five months later.

On 4 March 1980 Robert Mugabe was elected as the first Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. 

Upon his election Mugabe addressed the people of Zimbabwe commenting that the main concern of this new government "is to create an instrument capable of achieving peace and stability as it strives to bring about progress".

In 1979 Robert Mugabe spoke to Rodney Rice on the programme 'Viewpoint' about his plans for Zimbabwe ahead of the election.

Mugabe comments on his aims to nationalise land believing in the African tradition that "land is never the property of any one individual" and "it should be owned by the people as a whole through the State".

He also talks about plans to take state ownership of land owned by the white minority, whereby the land will continue to be worked by them, but will be an asset of the state.

Robert Mugabe held the position as Prime Minister until 1987 when he became President of Zimbabwe. As leader of Zimbabwe since it gained independence Mugabe is one of the longest serving African rulers.

This episode of 'Viewpoint' was broadcast on 2 October 1979.

Robert Mugabe (1983)
Robert Mugabe pictured at a Press Conference (1983)