A trip by barge on the River Barrow with Fergus O'Gorman and his guide retired skipper Tom Anderson.

In this extract from the programme 'Breathing Space' Fergus O'Gorman describes the development and then the neglect of the river as a waterway. Tom Anderson talks about his working life on the water.

This episode of 'Breathing Space' was broadcast on 3 December 1979.

The 1979 series 'Breathing Space' features documentaries filmed at locations which, at that time, were considered remote and where there was time and space to breathe.The series is presented by Fergus O'Gorman, who was a scientific advisor for national parks.

Other programmes in the series let viewers enjoy the experience of the great outdoors from the Burren in County Clare, to a visit to Killarney National Park or hear the folklore and stories told about seals in the west of Ireland and Scotland; join a group of Belfast school children on a field trip to the Ulster Museum or a couple relocating from England searching for the "good life" on Cape Clear.

'Breathing Space' was originally broadcast in 1979. In 2007 the series underwent extensive restoration and re-mastering by RTÉ Archives. It was re-edited by the Archive Production Unit and re-transmitted as part of the APU's TAKE TWO strand in Summer 2007.

The extract shown here is taken from the remastered version.