The programme examines the terror and hardships of the victims of illegal money lending with profiles of some illegal money lenders operating in Dublin.

In 1969 a 'Seven Days' programme on illegal money lending caused controversy for the government of the day and for the national broadcaster RTÉ.

Reporter Bill O'Herlihy talks to one money lender who keeps his backs to the camera to protect his identity. They discuss honourable behaviour when it comes to lending money.

This episode of 'Seven Days' was broadcast on 11 November 1969 and was the subject of controversy resulting in a tribunal of inquiry. The controversy surrounded the use of hidden cameras and microphones and the use of actors. The programme also served to highlight the State's inability to tackle money lending.

It was at this point that Bill O'Herlihy made the move from the News and Current Affairs department to Sport.

Seven Days was first broadcast on 26 September 1966.