David Lean directs Robert Mitchum in a scene for 'Ryan's Daughter' in Dingle County Kerry.

This edition of the series 'Kino' goes on location to see the production of 'Ryan's Daughter' directed by David Lean. The multi-million dollar production was shot in Dingle, County Kerry. Set in 1916 it tells the story of a married woman who has an affair with a British army officer.

A special set was constructed for the fictional Kerry village. In this extract, Robert Mitchum is having trouble with his hat while shooting a scene. 

To act in motion pictures is to act in a world in which mechanical problems beset the actor on all sides. His performance is governed by them.

'Kino On Location: The Making of Ryans Daughter' was broadcast on 22 September 1969 and was presented by Denis Brennan.