'The School Around the Corner' was the most popular programme on early Irish television. Yet until this year it was thought that no episode of the series survived. So when an edition of 'The School Around the Corner' recorded in Cork in 1962 was discovered this year it prompted a search for the children who appeared in it.   Following a radio, newspaper and online campaign three of the five children were found.

'Nationwide' caught up with these three stars of the show.  Reporter Niall Martin met Stephen Butt, Maire Duggan and Noel O'Driscoll, along with their families, and heard their reflections on the programme 50 years on.

If you missed the Nationwide report, it is available to view on RTÉ Player.

The full episode of 'School Around the Corner', which was originally broadcast 50 years ago, will be shown on 23 December at 5.10pm on RTÉ One.