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Fri. 21 Jul. 2017

Muhammad Ali and Tom Holton

Photographing Muhammad Ali 2006

RTÉ photographer Tom Holton admits to being very much in awe of Muhammad Ali when he came to Dublin but it did not prevent him capturing some memorable images of the boxing icon.

Oil-Rig Off Irish West Coast

Life On An Oil Rig 1977

Ireland has not yet struck oil, but there are hopes for the SEDCO 707 oil rig operating in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast.

Lark in the Park 1987

Lark In The Park 1987

The fifth successive 'Lark in the Park' offering a free rock music concert takes place in St Anne's Park, Raheny in Dublin.


Shankill Loyalist Heartland

Shankill Loyalist Heartland 1976

'7 Days' spent several days on the Shankill Road meeting the people that live there with the objective of gaining an insight into the heartland of loyalism in Northern Ireland.



Moments from the band's career as covered by radio and television.

Nevill Johnson

Images of tenements, markets, shops and children's street games, provide a valuable social record of the everyday lives of ordinary Dubliners between 1952 and 1953.

Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.