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Wed. 21 Feb. 2018

National Wax Museum

National Wax Museum 1983

Meet the woman who is creating figures of the famous for Dublin's newest cultural space the National Wax Museum.

Berlin Food Fair

Berlin Food And Drink Fair 1968

Berlin hosts one of the great world food fairs. While Ireland has no presence at the event Britain is strongly represented with a British pub and supermarket.


Tom Nevin Murdered

Tom Nevin Murdered 1996

55 year old Tom Nevin was found in the kitchen of 'Jack White's Inn' located about five miles on the Dublin side of Arklow.


Northern Ireland 1969

August 1969 was the month that Northern Ireland erupted into violence. Presented here are RTÉ radio and television recordings of some of the major events of 1969 in Northern Ireland.

Being European

A look at the nationalities of Europe and what it means to be European.

Housing Conditions in Ireland

In less than 50 years, Ireland went from a critical housing deficit to a property glut.