Conor McGregor has been sentenced to five days community service and is to undergo an anger management programme, as part of a plea deal.

The mixed martial arts fighter and fellow MMA fighter Cian Cowley were charged with assault and criminal mischief.

Mr McGregor was also accused of throwing a metal hand cart at a bus carrying UFC fighters at an event in Brooklyn in April.

At a New York court hearing today, Mr McGregor and Mr Cowley pleaded guilty to reduced charges in return for community service and agreeing to attend anger management programmes as part of their plea deal.

The court heard that Mr McGregor has already paid restitution.

As part of his plea deal, protection orders have been issued relating to the people injured in the incident.

Mr McGregor’s lawyer, Bruce Maffeo, said today’s sentence will have no impact on his client’s immigration status and the timing and location of his community service will be decided by the District Attorney’s office.

Speaking outside the court Mr McGregor thanked the DA and judge for allowing him to move forward and thanked his friends, family and fans for their support.

A spokesperson for the District Attorney's office described it as "a fair resolution that holds the defendant accountable".