The superbug reportedly contains a gene called mcr-1 that confers resistance to colistin

US reports case of antibiotic-resistant superbug

27 May US health officials have reported the first case in the country of a patient with an infection resistant to all known antibiotics, and expressed grave concern that the superbug could pose serious danger for routine infections if it spreads.

Australian scientists said last month just 7% of the Great Barrier Reef has been untouched by mass bleaching

Anger as Australia omits climate change report

27 May Australia's Department of the Environment says it omitted its contribution to a UN report examining the impact of climate change on world heritage sites over concern it could  create "confusion" and have a negative impact on tourism.

Facebook has its EU HQ in Dublin and is regulated by the Data Protection Commissioner

DPC refers Facebook data transfers to top EU court

25 May The Data Protection Commissioner is to refer Facebook's data transfer mechanisms to the European Court of Justice, posing a new legal threat to data transfers to the US by companies such as Facebook and Google.

Facebook said it was unable to substantiate any allegations of politically motivated suppression of particular subjects

Facebook changes 'Trending Topics' procedures

24 May Facebook has changed some of the procedures for its 'Trending Topics' section after a news report alleging it suppressed conservative news prompted a US Congressional demand for more transparency.

The report warns that drug resistance may see key medical procedures become too dangerous to perform

Report warns superbugs could kill millions by 2050

19 May A report by the British government has warned that so-called superbugs could kill ten million people worldwide by 2050 - unless sweeping global changes are agreed to tackle increasing resistance to antibiotics.

The meteor was seen as far south as New Jersey and as far north as Canada

Meteor lights up skies above Maine

18 May A police officer who was looking for speeding motorists early Tuesday morning instead captured a meteor lighting up the skies above Maine.

NASA's discovery is the largest single finding of new planets ever

NASA discovers over 1,200 new worlds

10 May NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered 1,284 new worlds, 100 of which are similar in size to Earth and nine of which could potentially harbour life, according to the US space agency.