We live in an era of political polarisation, online outrage and a never-ending news cycle. Against this backdrop, host Abie Philbin Bowman conducts a series of deeply personal interviews with politicians about the emotional impact of their job.

In the first episode, Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond opens up about:

- Why he resents being called 'a greedy politician' who must be in politics for ‘fame and fortune’, when the reality is that ‘all my friends earn more money than me’.

- The financial struggles of an uncertain career: selling his car, and living in his in-laws spare room, while paying off election debt.

- Members of his family being harassed in public because of his political career.

- His irritation at being labelled a West Brit.

- Juggling work, and new fatherhood, while supporting his wife through post-natal depression

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