Six people seeking nominations for the Presidential Election have been addressing members of Kilkenny Council today.

Due to give short speeches to the council today were Joan Freeman, Gavin Duffy, Kevin Sharkey, John Groarke, James P Smyth and William Delaney.

Other people seeking a nomination may address the council at the September meeting.

Today's meeting started at 3.30pm and each guest was given eight minutes speaking time with seven minutes allotted to each person for questions and answers.

Kilkenny council is not voting to nominate anybody today and will hold another meeting next month at which more candidates will be given a chance to address the council.

Mr Duffy, Patrick Feeney, Ms Freeman, Mr Groarke, Marie Goretti Moylan, Sarah Louise Mulligan, Gemma O'Doherty, Mr Sharkey and Mr Smyth have already appeared before local authorities seeking a nomination.

At today's meeting so far, guitarist James Smyth said his priorities, if elected, would be the arts, homelessness and Articles 47 and 48 of the Constitution. 

Mr Sharkey complained about the media coverage of Michael D Higgins, saying that if you listened to the press, he "could raise the dead and heal the sick". 

Ms Freeman spoke about her work and campaigns to improve mental health services, Mr Duffy spoke about his experience of working with people in business and politics and the values of hard work.

The Presidential Election will take place on 26 October. Nominations have to be submitted by 26 September.

Those hoping to be candidates require the support of four local authorities or the backing of 20 members of the Oireachtas.

The sitting president can nominate himself and President Michael D Higgins is seeking a second term.

Sinn Féin has also said it will field a candidate.

Meanwhile, 2011 candidate Seán Gallagher has said he will speak to the media next week about the Presidential Election when he formally addresses county council meetings.

In a statement, he said he promised his family that his main focus this week would be his son's first day back at primary school.

He said the election was the second most important event taking place in his home his week.

Mr Gallagher issued a statement on Wednesday confirming that he was seeking a nomination to run for the presidency.

The businessman has not given any interviews since then.

Councillors in 12 local authorities have submitted motions to nominate him.

Additional Reporting Martina Fitzgerald