Consideration is being given to lowering water pressure at night time from next week in an attempt to manage water supplies.

Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy said there was a risk of water shortages in September, unless there was significant rainfall soon.

He told RTÉ News that one of the steps being considered to manage supplies was lowering water pressure at night time next week.

Speaking on Drivetime, he said: "I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I think we do have to be very concerned about the drought that continues.

"I know it's been a great summer for many people but now they are starting to see difficulties in terms of their water supply.

"We’re going to need a consistent period of heavy rain to get up to a level of water stock that we can then treat to put into the system. 

"There is a risk of shortages. It's important to be up front about that as we look ahead to September. The level of rain is nowhere near what we need to replenish our lakes and reservoirs," he said.

Earlier this month, Irish Water made an urgent appeal to the public to conserve water following a dry spell across the country during the heat wave.

A hose pipe ban came into force in Dublin and was later extended across the country.

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Mr Murphy said the hose pipe ban would continue throughout July and possibly into August and "there is a risk of shortages as we look ahead to September".

"We want to get to a position where we don’t have see severe restrictions happening in September in terms of people's water supply.

"We will, later in this week, be considering the possibility of lowering pressure at night time at some time next week and other measures that might need to be taken.

"We’re keeping it under constant review, and at the moment we can manage the demand supply just about, but only just about.

"If we don’t get significant falls of rain then we will have problems with that supply issue when we get into September and October."