The Air Corps has said it is ready to tackle any wildfires that occur in the event of a repeat of last year's dry spell. 

Wicklow Fire Service, which was also involved in an preparation exercise in Lough Dan, described the volume of wildfires last summer as "unprecedented". 

A prolonged dry period led to an increased role for aerial firefighting.

Wicklow Fire Service said the number and extent of wildfires far exceeded previous experience.

Discarded cigarettes and BBQs are to blame for many of last summer's blazes, according to Chief Fire Officer Aidan Dempsey. 

The Air Corps has said it monitors the threat levels for forest and gorse fires, and stands on an "as available" basis to assist with fire fighting.

Last year the service dropped nearly one million litres of water on wildfires across the country.

Each Air Corps helicopter 'bambi-bucket' can hold, 1,225 litres of water.