A group representing ten telecommunications companies has warned the Government that it would make a complaint to the European Commission if there were any changes to the National Broadband Plan (NBP).

In a letter to Minister for Communications Richard Bruton, the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators (ALTO) stated that Eir's recent claims about the delivery of rural broadband lacked credibility.

And it urged Government not to give it any further consideration despite what it said were "acute and clear political pressures".

The Association said many of its members had already made investments to ensure the successful roll-out of the NBP.

"If the tactical interference in a public procurement process, grounded in State Aid law and rules is seen to have borne fruit then ALTO consider it will be appropriate to bring such a matter to the attention of the European Commission Directorates General Competition and Information Society for further investigation," the Association's Chairperson Ronan Lupton wrote.

ALTO has ten members and describes itself as a significant voice in the Irish market.