The death has taken place in Jeju, South Korea, of the Columban missionary Fr PJ McGlinchey, aged 89. 

Born on 6 June 1928 in the village of Raphoe, he grew up in Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

In 1951, he was ordained a priest in the Missionary Society of St Columban which assigned him to the South Korean diocese of Kwangju the following year.

Except for his first year on the mainland attending language studies, Fr McGlinchey spent all his working life on the country's largest island, Jeju, around 110km off the southern coast of South Korea.

He arrived there in 1953, just as the Korean War was ending. 

Jeju's people were among the poorest in South Korea at the time, trying to eke out an existence by working the fields with wooden ploughs and oxen.

Fr McGlinchey established St Isidore farm which cultivated pigs, sheep, cows and more recently horses at its stud.

He helped establish a textile factory which employed up to 1,700 women at a time when jobs on the island were scarce.

He also set up a credit union which changed the economy of the island and helped the citizens break free from their poverty.

Beginning his ministry in the small town of Hallim on the west coast, Fr McGlinchey's parish had a population of 40,000, but only 25 Catholics. Despite his small flock one of his first acts was to build a stone church.

There are now 4,500 Catholics in the parish which has been divided into two.

Fr McGlinchey also established a nursing home and a hospice on the island.

He will be buried on Friday after requiem mass in one of the churches he built on Jeju Island.