Schools are unlikely to be obliged to make up the days lost as a result of Storm Emma.

All schools and colleges were closed on Thursday and Friday last week, but many were also unable to open last Wednesday.

Many were still unable to reopen today as a result of the the impact of the storm.

Schools also lost at least one day's tuition during October's Storm Ophelia.

For many schools and colleges this brings to at least five the number of days missed this year due to extreme weather.

Department of Education guidelines advise schools that schools can make up for lost days by curtailing their two-week Easter holidays.

However, the guidelines also encourage schools to make up for lost time by prioritising tuition over non-tuition activities.

In the case of second level schools they say schools should ensure examination classes attend all classes to the end of May.

Senior education figures in the primary school sector are saying today that it is likely that schools will opt for prioritising certain subject areas.

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