Acting State Pathologist Dr Linda Mulligan has told an inquest that Mark Hennessy died from a single gunshot wound, which was discharged through the window of a car.

The 40-year-old also sustained other injuries, including wounds to his arms, scratches to his forehead and shoulders, and bruising to his neck and legs.

Mr Hennessy's right shoulder was also dislocated due to a gunshot entry wound, and his lungs had collapsed.

Dr Mulligan said some of the man's injuries were consistent with having walked through bushes or a forest.

The inquest was also told that there had been evidence in his system of recent alcohol and cocaine use.

The pathologist said he had stopped drinking in the hours before he died.

The Coroner's Court is holding an inquest into the death of Hennessy, who was shot by a garda as he sat in a car at Cherrywood Business Park in May 2018.

He had earlier abducted and killed Jastine Valdez, a 24-year-old Filipino student, from Enniskerry, Co Wicklow the day before he died.

The inquest was told yesterday that Hennessy had used a knife to self-harm moments before he was shot shortly after 8pm on 20 May 2018.

Earlier, the inquest heard from the garda who shot Hennessy.

Garda A said Hennessy had "looked like a man possessed" as he sat inside the car at Cherrywood.

In a deposition read to the jury, he said he had "feared the worst" during the search for the Filipino student.

He had not been on official duty on the day Hennessy was killed, but was catching up on paperwork and had told colleagues he would be available if needed to assist with the search for Ms Valdez.

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Jastine Valdez was abducted and killed in May 2018

Garda A said he had serious concerns for the safety of the 24-year-old, and had been involved in the initial search for her.

He said he had extensive local knowledge of the area, so when a call came in for urgent assistance at Cherrywood he drove to the business park to help.

Garda A said he and two other gardaí were at the scene when Hennessy's car was discovered and he "recalled thinking that Jastine Valdez was still alive".

He said it had been suggested that there had been two people in the black Nissan Qashqai.

The garda said the window of the car was rolled down and he could see that Hennessy "looked uneasy and agitated".

He said he believed Ms Valdez was also in the car and in imminent danger. He saw that the suspect was holding a Stanley knife and had two inches of the blade exposed.

Garda A said he had shouted at Hennessy that he was armed and demanded that he drop the knife several times.

He said he also shouted to his two garda colleagues that the suspect was going to slash Ms Valdez's throat. He asked the gardaí to open the vehicle but they were unable to.

Garda A said Hennessy was "non-compliant with all demands and directions", so he drew his firearm and discharged a single round into the car "to try to stop him".

He told the inquest that his actions had been proportionate as he firmly believed Ms Valdez was in the car and at imminent risk of death.

He said there was nothing else he could have done in "such a dangerous situation".

After he was shot, Hennessy's body slumped in his seat. Garda A said he was very badly injured with blood around his mouth.

After assessing that the suspect was of no further threat, the garda searched the car for Ms Valdez, and could not believe when she could not be found.

Hennessy abducted and killed the student, from Enniskerry in Co Wicklow, on 19 May 2018.

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Yesterday, the inquest into his death was told that Hennessy had taken his hands from the steering wheel and shrugged his shoulders before he was shot by a man identified as Garda A.

Two unmarked garda cars had been carrying out searches in the area as part of the search for Ms Valdez.

They were directed to the car park at Cherrywood after a member of the public recognised Hennessy's registration plate following a garda appeal for information.

A uniformed garda told the inquest about discovering the suspect inside a car in the industrial estate shortly after 8pm in the evening.

He said he had shouted at the driver of the car, who did not respond, before attempting to open the door of the vehicle.

Garda C said he then kicked the car in an effort to gain access to it, after he saw the suspect self-harming.

A few seconds later Garda C heard a shot being fired and Hennessy slumped over inside the car.

The inquest also heard evidence that three members of the Civil Defence had watched the events from their truck. They had blocked off the entrance to the car park after the suspect drove in.

One of the volunteers, James Magee, said it appeared that Hennessy had reached down into the passenger footwell to retrieve something.

Mr Magee then saw a garda raise a gun and shoot the suspect through the window of his car.

The gardaí who were present when Hennessy was shot are not being named for operational reasons. They are instead being identified by letters.