The Strategy Tree formula is one I've found hugely helpful when trying to break-down ambitious and simple ideas into something tangible and doable.  

The top of the tree is your overarching long-term vision/goal/mission statement.  Right now, at the time of writing, my vision is to create a unique radio show that will help people to find a new sense of purpose in these unprecedented times. Have you heard of it!?

The second tier is your medium-term five to seven high-level strategies to help you achieve your vision.  In my case, ahead of launching the show, those strategies included producing a proposal that defined the need for Reignite, securing a prime-time slot, assessing demographics and so on.

The third tier is the widest tier and is always being updated because it's your daily tactics – and these should directly link back to your strategies.  In my case, that's involves daily outreach to guests, checking-in with my producer, developing our running order etc.  Of course, your vision could be something like learning a new language or relocating or changing careers.  It can be skills, it can be competencies, it can be ideas.

We’ve created a Reignite Plan of Action that you can download here to help you build your own Strategy Tree.

Before you start, scribble down some goals that you have. If you need help, head back to Reignite 1 and listen to Sarah Ellis on Super Strengths or read our article entitled Getting To Know Yourself to Reignite Your Career.

Rank those goals, and pick the one most important to you. It’s often easiest to write out goals by starting with a verb (e.g. Build or Create) and link it to an outcome.