From superhero face masks to a 'Covid concert' for cocooners, here are 5 positive things happening now:

1. Contortionist Kelly Saabel from Tom Duffy Circus has a unique way to put on her face mask.

2. Co Cork artist Will Sliney, best known for his work on Marvel Comics Spider-Man and Star Wars, has created a range of comic book inspired face mask covers for young EasyJet flyers. The airline said it hopes the face mask covers helped to ease the experience of flying for both kids and parents. Will said he hopes his designs "bring out the inner superhero in all young flyers".

3. Louise and Tom McAuliffe from Clontarf, Co Dublin, put on a 'Covid concert' for all the elderly people on their road who are cocooning. 

4. Sixth years music students from St Mary's Secondary School in Ballina, Co Galway, did one last performance ahead of their graduation. They performed a fitting rendition of "Time to say Goodbye".

5. Finally,17-year-old Jack McFarlane is taking part in Enable Ireland’s Wheel 100 Challenge. He is doing 100 laps of Bailic Park in Middleton, Co Cork, and has raised over €2,500 for the charity so far.