The family of a Dublin man who died after contracting Covid-19, has urged people to stay in their homes to save lives and help prevent the spread of the illness.

Michael Glynn, 78, from Tallaght was a father-of-six and a popular taxi driver.

He developed complications after a major surgical procedure last December, and was treated in the intensive care unit of St James' Hospital.

His family said he had been recovering in recent weeks following rehabilitation, and was due to leave hospital last Monday.

But he developed symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive for the illness.

Doctors at first believed Michael only had a mild form of the disease, but his condition rapidly deteriorated and his family was told he only had days to live.

Two of Michael Glynn's five sons live in Australia and the US and were unable to return to Ireland to say goodbye to their father.

Michael's daughter, Emily Glynn Homan, said her dad had an amazing life and was singing and "in great form" in the hours before he passed away, and wanted to celebrate his life. She and her mother, Patricia, were with him when he died on Thursday evening.

"Dad passed away just before six o'clock, very peacefully, with myself and my mam in the room with him. We could not hug my dad or kiss my dad goodbye.

"My brothers all said goodbye through FaceTime. My mother wanted to get into the bed beside my dad to lie with him in his final moments, but that wasn't allowed."

The two women said they left St James' Hospital with Michael's belongings 'triple-bagged' and were told they needed to be left outside in a shed for four days to avoid the risk of contamination.

Emily said her family are all now in self-isolation and hope they have not contracted Covid-19 from their father. She said her husband and three children are grieving without her.