"It is an extraordinary moment today that we have achieved the result we have before the UK Supreme Court."

Those were the words of Michael Finucane today outside the Supreme Court in London, son of Pat Finucane, who was murdered in front of his family in his Belfast home in 1989.

Even though the Finucane family lost a challenge to the decision not to hold a public inquiry into his killing, they did secure a declaration that an effective investigation into their father's death has still not been carried out.

Now 30 years on from solicitor Mr Finucane’s death at the hands of loyalist paramilitaries, today’s judgment has given the family a long awaited boost.

"It is certainly not a loss," Michael told RTÉ's London Correspondent Fiona Mitchell.

"The Supreme Court were asked a simple question, ‘Has the British Government fulfilled its obligations in the case of Pat Finucane?’ And the reply is a resounding no, they have not fulfilled those obligations.

"They were in breach of the European Court of Human rights.

"They remain in breach of the European Court of Human Rights, and until they remedy that breach they will not only be in violation of their legal obligations of the convention and also in breach of a court order."

Finucane family push for inquiry after UK court ruling