The Immigrant Council of Ireland has called on the Government to ensure that shortfalls in Irish law are addressed in the new action plan on human trafficking.

The national plan has been promised for the autumn.

The council made the call today - the first UN designated World Day Against Trafficking.

It says Ireland needs a robust national action plan that will provide proper supports and protections for victims of trafficking, as well as laws to jail those behind it.

In a statement, the council said the process of formally identifying victims needed to be improved and victims should be provided with secure accommodation and full legal support.

It also said laws needed to be introduced to target the buyers of sex who fuel the demand for trafficking.

Chief Executive Denise Charlton said the new plan was an opportunity for the Government to send out a strong message that Ireland is not a soft target for traffickers.

The Central Statistics Office estimates that traffickers are part of a black economy in Ireland that makes over €1bn a year.