Rio police held a news conference this evening

Rio police: OCI facilitated tickets to THG

23 Aug Rio police have said their investigation has found the Olympic Council of Ireland facilitated the transfer of Olympic tickets to the THG Group of Marcus Evans.

The minister said 'every action is being taken' by both Irish and Spanish authorities to find the perpetrators

Fitzgerald condemns 'brutal and tragic killing'

20 Aug Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has condemned the "brutal and tragic killing" of Irishman Trevor O'Neill in Majorca on Wednesday in what is believed to have been a case of mistaken identity in a gang-related attack.

Pat Hickey is being held at Bangu Prison

Hickey transferred to Bangu Prison in Rio

19 Aug Former Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey is being held at Bangu Prison in Rio de Janeiro as he faces allegations of illegal resale of tickets for the Olympics.

Federal Police leaving the ranch del Sol in 2015 after a confrontation which ended with 43 people dead

Mexico police executed 22 people in raid last year

19 Aug Mexican police arbitrarily executed nearly two dozen suspected gang members on a ranch last year, the government's National Human Rights Commission said, one of the worst abuses by security forces in a decade of grisly drug violence.

Paratroopers opened fire during a civil rights march in Derry's Bogside in 1972

Prosecutors to consider Bloody Sunday case

19 Aug Prosecutors in Northern Ireland are to consider the case against former British soldiers after detectives finished interviewing them about the killings in Derry on Bloody Sunday.