For many of us going for a walk means lining up some podcasts, getting the headphones in and hitting the pavement, but what if we left the distractions behind and really focused on connecting our body and mind through movement.

Coaching psychologist, lecturer, author, and former UN peacekeeper Hugh O'Donovan is passionate about mindful walking. If you’re feeling penned in by current 2km restrictions, Hugh can help to shift your perspective on the value we can glean from even the simplest of walks.

In this episode of You Ok? Hugh talks about why walking is important for our mental wellbeing generally, what mindfulness is and how we can bring it into our walks and he shares tips for how to get started.

Things aren’t easy for us at the moment, but there is an opportunity there to embrace the idea of slowing down, reconnecting and becoming aware of our connectedness to ourselves, to each other and to the world around us.

If you’d like to find out more about Hugh’s work, you can find him at, on Twitter @HughODonovan or pick up his book Mindful Walking.