We all love a cheeky takeaway to treat ourselves after a long work week or even to order a healthy salad for lunch but where exactly are we Irish ordering from?

Deliveroo has named the top 100 dishes ordered in 2017 around the world and according to the food delivery company's data, the Irish absolutely love a good burrito.

Ireland's fav takeaway?
The second most ordered dish on the website across the world was Boojum in Dublin while the sixth most ordered dish was Boojum's Twojum in Belfast.

Other Irish dishes featured in the top 100 are:

  • Black Bean Chicken from Ramen in Cork 
  • Teriyaki Donburi from Wagamama in Dublin
  • Steak and Cheese Sub from Subway in Dublin
  • Chicken Tenders from Rocket's in Dublin
  • Parma Pizza from Pompeii Pizza in Cork
  • Fresh North Atlantic Cod from Beshoff Bros in Dublin

If you want to make your own healthy burrito, check out our recipe from Operation Transformation here.

Ireland loves burritos
Ireland hearts Burritos

Ultimately though, the most ordered dish in the world was an old favourite - The cheeseburger.

  • The most ordered dish in the world was Big Fernand’s Les Fernandines cheeseburger in Lille.
  • The third most ordered was a cheeseburger from Five Guys’ in London
  • The tenth most popular dish was a 6oz cheeseburger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London.
The Cheeseburger
2017 was the year of the cheeseburger

So there you have it, burritos and burgers have reigned over pizza and curry in 2017.

Top 100 dishes ordered across the world from Deliveroo:

  1. Les Fernandines, Big Fernand in Lille, France
  2. Burrito, Boojum in Dublin, Ireland
  3. Cheeseburger, Five Guys in London, UK
  4. Tripletta Pizza, Tripletta in Paris, France
  5. Regular Burrito, Taqado Mexican Kitchen in Dubai, UAE
  6. Boojum’s Twojum, Boojum in Belfast, UK
  7. Sushi Box for Two, Sushi Shop in Toulouse, France
  8. Chicken Salad Bowl, The Daily Cut in Singapore
  9. Chicken Katsu Curry, Wagamama in London, UK
  10. Cheese 6oz American Cheeseburger, GBK in London, UK
  11. Burrito, Guzman Y Gomez in Sydney, Australia
  12. St Peter's Burger, The Meating Room in St Albans, UK
  13. Medium grilled chicken burrito, Tortilla in Brighton, UK
  14. Ga Bun, James Bun in Paris, France
  15. California Bowl, Poke Poke Dubai in Dubai, UAE
  16. MANA!Love Wrap, MANA! Fast Slow Food in Hong Kong
  17. Crazy Salmon Roll, Kenji Sushi in Edinburgh, UK
  18. Byron Burger, Byron in London, UK
  19. Avocado Beef Burger, Little Apple in Paris, France
  20. The Bacoa Burger, Bacoa - Universidad in Barcelona, Spain
  21. Dead Hippie Burger™, MEATliquor in London, UK
  22. Oahu Bowl, Ahi Poké in London, UK
  23. Bouchees, Tamarin in Paris, France
  24. Grilled Chicken Burrito, SALSA SHOP in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  25. Beef Egg Noodles, Wok to Walk in Toulouse, France
  26. The Twenty, Barsalata in Dubai, UAE
  27. Siracha Spicy Tuna Bowl, Poké Perfect in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  28. The Beepbop Bowl, Grain Traders in Singapore
  29. Poké Bowl, Pololi in Hong Kong
  30. Biang Biang Noodles, Yau Yuen Siu Tsui in Hong Kong
  31. Sushi bowl Salmone, Macha/Japanese café in Milan, Italy
  32. Porc/Boeuf Meatball, Ballekes in Brussels, Belgium
  33. California Dream Sushi Box, Sushi Shop Louise in Brussels, Belgium
  34. Cheeseburger, Five Guys in Madrid, Spain
  35. Cheeseburger, Tommi's Burger Joint in Berlin, Germany
  36. Pho Tai, BEP Vietnamese Kitchen in Hong Kong
  37. Chicken Grill, Street Bangkok in Paris, France
  38. Classical Burger, Le Camion qui Fume in Paris, France
  39. Classic Pizza, Pizzare in Berlin, Germany
  40. Poké Bowl | El Spicy Tuna, Sushito in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  41. Pollo Asado Burrito, Muchachos in Singapore
  42. Full Rack | American Style Ribs From The Texas Smoker, Braai in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  43. Tie Guan Yin Tea, TPTea in Hong Kong
  44. Bufala Pizza Slice, Mamma Roma Chatelain in Brussels, Belgium
  45. Cheeseburger, Burger King in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  46. Mary's Burger, Mary's in Sydney, Australia
  47. Pizza Quatro Stagioni, Novecento in Haarlem, The Netherlands
  48. SIgnature Boiled Chicken, Boon Tong Kee in Singapore
  49. Bavet Spaghetti, Bavet in Ghent, Belgium
  50. Porc and Beef Würst, Wurst in Ghent, Belgium
  51. Pitta Gros, Greek and Shop in Madrid, Spain
  52. 2 Mini Burgers + Side, Krush Burger in Dubai, UAE
  53. Chicken Satay, Thai on High in Hong Kong
  54. Pollo Polo, Richy's - JLT in Dubai, UAE
  55. Thai Green Curry, Lucy Chang in Antwerp, Belgium
  56. Chicken Chilapa, Chilapa Casanova in Barcelona, Spain
  57. Steakmous, Mantoushe in Dubai, UAE
  58. Tuna Poke Bowl, Aloha Poké in Singapore
  59. Poke Bowl, A Poke Theory in Singapore
  60. Chicken Egg Noodles, Wok to Walk in Barcelona, Spain
  61. Buffalo Campano Burger, Trita, Milan
  62. Bourbon Chicken Wings, SteakBurger - Atocha in Madrid, Spain
  63. Subway Melt, Subway in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  64. Pho Wagyu Beef, NamNam Noodle Bar in Singapore
  65. Queen Burger, New York Burger in Madrid, Spain
  66. Mild Grilled Chicken Burrito, Guzman Y Gomez in Singapore
  67. Tortilla Española, José Luis in Madrid, Spain
  68. The Italian with grilled chicken, Toss'd in Dubai, UAE
  69. Paris Texas Burger, Paul's Boutique Station in Ghent, Belgium
  70. Salmon Poke, CALI-POKE California Seafood House in Dubai, UAE
  71. Golden Axe Burger, 8 Bit in Melbourne, Australia
  72. Cheeseburger Five Guys in Dubai, UAE
  73. NY Style Bagel, Bagels in Milano, Italy
  74. Tacos with Dessert, CHEZWaWa in Brussels, Belgium
  75. Poached Chicken Pho, Hanoi Hannah in Melbourne, Australia
  76. Lemongrass Pad Thai, Lemongrass in Berlin, Germany
  77. Black Bean Chicken, Ramen in Cork, Ireland
  78. Teriyaki Donburi, Wagamama in Dublin, Ireland
  79. The OG Poke Bowl, Fishbowl in Sydney, Australia
  80. Daruma Sushi Roll, Daruma Sushi in Roma, Italy
  81. Sabbaba Vegan Pitta, Sabbaba in Sydney, Australia
  82. Happy Waffle, Waffle Brothers in Berlin, Germany
  83. Kross Duck Hanoi Deli Eppendorf in Hamburg, Germany
  84. Steak and Cheese Sub, Subway in Dublin, Ireland
  85. Big Club Sandwich, California Bakery in Milano, Italy
  86. Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Gelato, Gelato Messina in Sydney, Australia
  87. Bibimbab - Honey BBQ Beef, Son Kitchen - Korean Street Food in Berlin, Germany
  88. Hamburger di manzo with bacon, Beveria Monteverde in Rome, Italy
  89. Chianina Hamburger, Aviazione in Florence, Italy
  90. Khao Pad, Aroydee in Frankfurt, Germany
  91. Japanese Fried Chicken Wings, Soi Noodle Bar in Canberra, Australia
  92. Chicken Tenders, Rocket's in Dublin, Ireland
  93. Türkitch, Türkitch - Köfte & Kebap in Munich, Germany
  94. Parma Pizza, Pompeii Pizza in Cork, Ireland
  95. Cheese Bacon Burger, Macinata - Sarti di Burger Firenze in Florence, Italy
  96. Simmered Pork Knuckle Dried Noodle, Min Saam Gun, Hong Kong
  97. Fresh North Atlantic Cod, Beshoff Bros in Dublin, Ireland
  98. Chilli Wagyu Beef Dumplings, Oriental Teahouse Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia
  99. Mango Pancakes, Tei Mou Koon Dessert in Hong Kong
  100. 201 Shanghai Lao Lao - Kennedy Town in Hong Kong