Domini Kemp and Eunice Power are two of Ireland's most successful foodies. Domini is the co-creator of The Ketogenic Kitchen, a cookbook based on nutritional approaches to the prevention and management of cancer. Eunice runs one of Ireland's leading event caterers and is a regular contributor to Today with Maura and Dáithí. The two foodie entrepreneurs are mentors to this year's The Taste of Success competitors. Basically, it's safe to say these ladies know their food.

We image that during Halloween weekend they would be busy baking barm brack, whipping up Rice Krispie treats or perhaps creating a healthy concoction to hand out to the kids. However, when we caught up with the two foodies, they painted a very different picture! Turns out, the two women hate Halloween!

Domini says that although she will have to go trick or treating herself this Halloween due to her seven-year-old-daughter, she finds it difficult to get into the spirit of things:

"I'm really bad, I tend to just get a whole bowl of absolute rubbish, put it outside the front door, turn off the lights and hide!"

Eunice, on the other hand, says its the American style of the holiday that puts her off. Although she does get her moneys worth...

"Oh God, I just hate this whole trick-or-treating, American thing, I hate it. When they come to my house I make them perform."