Dublin actor Barry Keoghan, who rose to fame in Love/Hate and went on to take Hollywood by storm in films such as Dunkirk and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, has said he would love to be among the Irish acting greats. 

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment on the red carpet at the IFTAs on Thursday night, the 25-year-old star said it "means a lot" to be at the annual celebration of Irish film and television.

"The IFTAs is a great thing, all the greats have been through here; Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Cillian [Murphy], to be amongst that energy it’s nice, it’s important."

Barry Keoghan in his IFTA-award-winning role in The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Barry Keoghan in his IFTA-award-winning role in The Killing of a Sacred Deer

When asked if he thought his career trajectory is going that way, Keoghan said with a grin: "Am I not already?"

"Only messing, that’s a bit cocky isn’t it", he joked, adding more seriously: "Yeah jeez, I’d love to be amongst that talent.

"We’re a small nation and the talent that comes from it is just unreal, in everything, storytelling, sports, everything, [we’re] such a powerful little nation."

Keoghan, who picked up the best supporting film award for The Killing of a Sacred Deer on the night, also spoke about putting himself forward for his dream role as DC Comics superhero Nightwing by shooting a short film which has yet to be unveiled.

"I’m interested in going for Nightwing so I said I’ll put together a short movie with a friend and we got a lot of people onboard", he said.

"I just want to show my version of it, and pitch that, because I’m a huge Nightwing and Robin fan so I’d love to play him.

"And I box, I’m athletic you know what I mean, I’d love to do that."

The young Irish star said that the impressive costume he donned in an Instagram post about the short film was "put together by a friend of mine" who "does the Batman costumes".

"Everyone wants to be Batman, I want to be Robin. I’ll make Robin cool. Make him legit", Keoghan added.

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