Teilifís na Gaeilge is to begin broadcasting on 31 October. RTÉ News reports on the anticipated launch of TnaG and the programming viewers can expect.

One month prior to Telifís na Gaeilge going on air, details of a selection of programming for the channel have been announced. Over 40 production companies have been involved in providing the material.

Anne Marie Smyth reports from a preview of programming that will be on offer at the station. The channel will offer childrens, youth, quiz and music programmes. The channel is hoping to attract a young audience through a variety of programming.

Sineád Chamhnach, presenter, describes the programming as modern and says TnaG is something to watch out for. There will also be a daily soap and specially commissioned drama.

While programmes will be broadcast in Irish, English subtitles will be available to bring the channel to a wider audience. Cathal Goan talks about the availability of the channel and notes that some people may have to invest in an aerial to pick up TnaG. The channel is confident that everything is in place for a successful launch.