01: Memorable Budgets

This exhibition revisits some of the more memorable budgets since 1970.

For five decades now RTÉ television and radio coverage has been part of budget day. Radio, television and online media offer the public a way to learn of budgetary measures and how they impact on everyday lives.

RTÉ journalists, reporters and analysts guide the public through the speech by the Minister for Finance and the implications of the budget. The views of the opposition political parties are aired and debated with government members.

From early afternoon the budget speech is now carried live and RTÉ platforms bring analysis and comment. Albert Reynolds was Minister for Finance when the first televised budget speech was made in 1991. It has been customary for many years for the Minister to appear on RTÉ Radio the day after the budget to take listeners questions. 

Financial ministers and governments have come and gone but for most of us budget day brings trepidation, and anxiety as we wait to find how the announcements will affect our pockets and our lives. We have taken a look back at 14 budgets here and look at promises made, kept and broken. There are budgets from good times for Ireland and budgets made in tougher economic circumstances.