Kevin O'Kelly speaks to Alex Scott, his family and friends, all of whom live on the Shankill Road. They give their views on the Pope, Catholics, civil rights, the Northern Ireland government and keeping their own religion.

Their attitude to the present crisis is formed by their experience of living in the Shankill area and their religious views. The Scott family and friends talk about the divisions that exist between the Shankill and the Falls Road. They talk about the prospect of being governed by Catholics, which is not something they would like. They feel that whoever is in power does not really matter to the people. They argue that what people are concerned about is keeping their own religion. They discuss their impressions of Catholicism, the power of the Pope, and birth control.

They are all in agreement that Captain O'Neill's visit to Dublin was the starting point of the trouble. One man describes O'Neill as a "traitor" for protestants. They also discuss the benefits to Catholics of being part of the North Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The topics covered are similar to the discussion that took place on the Falls Road between O’Kelly and a Catholic family.